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Our philosophy is that when you had your child,

you made a promise to them to be the best parent.

You are not expected to be the best chef,

housecleaner, or laundry-doer.

Outsource duties to free up your time for the important things-

making memories with your little.

How can we help?

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We Can Help You With

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Child care, recurring or as needed



Event help

A special Mom request for some magic - let us know!

Are you a Mom who's looking for parent-friendly, flexible work? Get in touch with us!


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How We Work

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We are busy parents (as all parents are) and we know it is a struggle balancing work, home & care for one's self, when we're pulled in so many directions at once.

Our platform connects parents who need help with local providers who need flexible work. Our goal is to help parents find the time to enjoy the parenting experience, as well as creating flexible, parent-friendly work for those who need it.

Looking for a great nanny for yourself? Or looking for work where you can potentially bring your baby? Let us help!

Sign up for info: https://linktr.ee/instamommies

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Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Mimi. I started Instamommies am a first time mom, and my former career was in the male dominated Wall Street and Silicon Valley world. My goal is to use the skills I have learned, and with my team, ensure moms get the support they need to do what is honestly - the greatest job in the world, being a mom!

Parenting cannot be done alone; it requires a village... and Instamommies wants to help you build that village!

Please join us:


See Mimi featured as Startup Founder Daily's "Founder of the Day" here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we book with you?

Instamommies was started to conveniently source trusted care. Over one-half of our nation is a childcare "desert", which means there is a shortage of care, and it doesn't feel good to compromise, or struggle with affording it.

We source our providers by connecting families who need help, with parents who need flexible work. Many of these are parents who gave up their career during the pandemic when schools and daycares closed. It's a huge win-win where you are helping to employ another mom or dad. And in exchange, you get experienced care!

Do we conduct background checks?

We do not employ any providers directly, as we act as a platform for to list services or wanted help. As with any service provider you use, we encourage you to conduct due diligence like checking references, and interviewing beforehand.

We will have an option for providers to upload a background check on our soon to be released app, however, remember matching personality and care philosophy is also important, which is why we recommend interviewing.

What should I expect to pay for a nanny?

The average full-time nanny salary in California is $25.07 an hour according to Indeed based upon 4,400 salaries.

Location, years of experience, number of children, and expected duties are part of what factors into the rate. Let us know if you have any questions on calculating a fair range and we'd be glad to help!

Do you offer other services?

Yes! Do you need help with: petsitting, senior care, event staff, handywork/hauling...something else? Let us know!

Did we miss anything? Feel free to email us at: info@instamommies.org

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